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Chrono Central is the main software to manage all our different modules. Lightweight, user friendly and all platform compatible, it can be executed on a mid-range laptop running Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux or Mac OsX. The software and module can be use on a single computer or thru different machines and operator on a LAN network. So all you need is Oracle Java Runtime Environment 7 or 6 and a network connection. A Phone/tablet version will be soon released for smaller events

1. Manage you race database

Database is the most important stuff in all race timekeeping process. Chrono Central works as a database manager for races, pilots and championship data parsing. It's compatible with all common spreadsheet software for importing and exporting listing and results. It have, of course, an optimized tools to manage it internally.

2. Flexibility

Each race is unique : Tracks, gates and rules are often different, Chrono central has been developed to be compatible with all races scenarios. Best overall time, best lap time, number of complete laps, all races scenarios can be applied. We also have a point management engine like common motorsport championship.

3. Precision

Chrono Central integrate a powerful way to interpret time logging, every time a transponder pass a gate, it exchange information on average 5 to 30 times with the reader, depending on the speed and gate size. Chrono Central measure the strength of all exchange and keep only the best one as a reference time-stamp giving you precisely the exact time of passing. Our antenna and software suite are also able to measure simultaneous passing for up to 30 transponders.

4. Multi reader ability

Timekeeping on a solo gate can be done with many systems like Ir or Rssi, with our modular system we can manage 10+ readers, giving you ability to measure intermediate timing in all part of your racetrack. Pilots can get their trajectories analysis to a next level and compare to others.

5. Drone race friendly

We develop our system with amateur and professional pilots, community is the best source of fresh ideas and innovations.
Our interface has been simplified from user feedback and we have coded the RunDom® start module for totally random start signal & light to prevent anticipated run problem.
Also the Gum-race® module, a brand new type of race is also developed & tested on field to provide a fun and visual type of championship.

6. Big event ready !

Since our transponder identity is unique and quickly re-writable, it's a perfect time saver on big event (eg. +60 pilots) No need to assign VTX frequency (5.8ghz Rssi detection) or IR beacon id, all you need is to stick a Chrono-lite & assign transponder number to the pilots BiBs and run the show. Chronodrone system is also compatible with professional broadcast video system to display scores, overlays and speaker screen all graphics can be customized and generated by our module (see Chrono-TV) or data streamed to an overlay mixer.
Light and fixture is important too, in basic mode every reader is able to manage his own lighting triggering based on his state (Race start/race stop/false start/drone passing) When using advanced Chrono-light module, you will be able to pilot professional DMX512 fixtures on 2 universes ( 60 fixtures max), or stream the event data to a professional light console to execute lightning or pyrotechnics scenarios.


Detection system is inspired from high precision timekeeping system from Motorsport.

The principle is simple compare to the technology inside the counting system :

1. "On-drone" hardware

To count machine passing, they need to declare themselves to the system. We based our technology on passive transponder communication.
We choose this technology because its advantages compared to Vtx RSSI or Infrared beacons :
Transponders are coded with a unique ID, so racer recognition is just automatic, and available data inside is quite consequent & customizable, race id can be encoded so old forgotten tags don't interfere with present counting, but above all they are :

  • PASSIVE | No wiring is needed, you just stick-it to the bottom of your frame and fly. You can also secure it with some simple zip tie or adhesive.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & RESISTANT | Weight are about 3gr, yes...
  • LIFETIME USABLE  | And reusable, since we can re-encode it for another Chronodrone compatible race
  • AFFORDABLE | Only cost the price of a good pair of propellers, (Something pilots are used to)
  • PRECISE | Can only be activated by our reader when passing on top of our directional patch antennas
  • INTERFERENCE FREE | Completely interference free with common RC frequency : 72mhz/433mhz/2.4ghz/5.8ghz.



2. "On-Ground" hardware

We provide a line of antenna and reader that will fits your needs: From the Big-boy4 to the Mini-Max , there's always a combo that fits your needs.
Reader are fast to install ( just place it under the passing gate ) and configure. Using 1Wire architecture for data&power supply needs: Just Plug-it & play.
Based on Power over Ethernet (POE) technology you will never fall out of lipo during an event. Also cabling problem are gone, it's just a RJ45 cat5e cable that you can find in any computer/hardware store. Somehow each cable limited to 100 meters length without relay.
All our hardware is tought and secure with IP55 certifications.

3. Installation

Simply stick-it on the bottom of your frame.
Transponder have already a layer of 3m VHB double side bonding tape, but we often recommend to pilot to add a zip tie to secure it


Displaying score and race information is crucial when driving a event, the first critic that regularly come from race spectators is difficulty of understanding what's going on.

Even participating pilots find sometimes hard to follow a race. Making your race "visual" was one of the major requirement when we designed the Chronodrone system.
For that we have a module : Chrono-TV

Chrono-TV is a video stream machine that is able to cast different information about the race :

  • The scoreboard, give 3 different layout to follow the race with numbers : pilot position, name, Fpv channel, achieved lap, remaining lap, gap from others, total time, and best time.
  • The calling next board : simple planning for pilots who need to prepare for the next race
  • Virtual position board: based on transponder passing it interpolate the drone position gates after gates so public can follow and have a visual gap appreciation between pilots

These layout are easily customizable, from included template or your beautiful personal design.
The module can be run on a single board computer connected to the network and directly attached to the screen. Or it can stream some 3G-SDI signal to send it directly to the TV broadcast system
ChronoTV PRO is an extension to the tv module, who is able to generate a data stream with results, compatible with professional broadcast overlay mixer


Light up !

Nothing's more visual than a great synchronized light show Chronodrone is ready for that, thru two systems.

1. Chrono-Light BOX

Each of our readers box can be connected to Chrono-Light box, race director are able to switch On & Off any fixture (Max 8 amps/250v each) with 4 programmable instances assignable to each Output. Pre-programmed instance are available : Race start / Race Stop / Detection / Custom.

2. Chrono-Light PRO

Chrono-Light PRO is an advanced module that can be run on the main laptop or on a remote machine who give you ability to drive multiple scenario thru DMX512 Fixture system.
Chrono-Light PRO is capable of driving natively 2 DMX512 universes ( max 60 fixtures ) with some complex lighting / pyrotechnics scenarios. The DMX fixture is the universal standard in lighting system.



Chrono-Light PRO is able to manage 2 different modes

  • The Classic race with the ability to trigger lightning scenario per transponder and per passing, and many more.
  • The Gum-Race, which is a death race type with special gates triggering traps for other racers.

The Chrono-Light PRO is of course compatible with professional lighting console linked via common interface, setting up scenario with a lighting technician is easy as plugging a keyboard.
With that connectivity, organizers are able to trigger unlimited amount of light sequences scenarios automatically synchronized with the race.



Overall Race results are the most important data of your timekeeping, Chronodrone has of course a complete publishing functionality for that.
Results can be published online by many ways:

  • On a dedicated web page, powered by a lightweight ajax interface, that gives advanced results analysis with our real-time performance graphics.
  • On our mobile app, a simple way to push results to any mobile running Ios or Android.
  • On your website, with an Iframe module, we are developing a WP compatible widget too (soon)
  • On a dedicated race results website, we are working hard to be compatible with popular website like